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Unlocking the Door to Multifamily Real Estate with AI

Our AI tools are being purpose-built and tested with leading real estate investors in an effort to revolutionize the real estate investment lifecycle. The vision is to identify new investments, simplify market and financial analysis, assist in negotiation, contract generation, loan acquisition, tax strategy, and hold/exit timing.

These tools will accelerate time to offer while providing our company predictive analytics to make informed decisions, mitigate future risks, and optimize our investments, while continuously improving on future investments by leveraging both machine and deep learning models.

The Future of Real Estate Investing Starts Here

The full scope of RealDeals.ai (RDAI) leverages natural language queries to assess 52 key indicators, advanced financial models, and mimic the neural processing and decision-making of well-established real estate investors. Our goal is to identify investment opportunities that match our criteria, predict their performance, and continually monitor and recalibrate our model based on shared investment data. The future scope of RDAI will facilitate legal agreement drafting, offer points of negotiation, assist with closings, and provide strategic tax planning and market timing.

Here are just a few of the data points RDAI is currently targeting;


  • Employment rate
  • Living availability
  • Living affordability
  • Migration patterns
  • Quality of life


  • Unemployment
  • Job openings
  • Job postings
  • Jobless claims
  • News & events


  • Proximity
  • Zoning
  • Rental Income
  • Days on market
  • Property taxes


  • Vacancy
  • Rent-to-price ratio
  • Rental yield
  • Cost of living
  • Contract lenght


  • CAP rates
  • NPV
  • Cash on cash
  • Depreciation
  • Creative financing

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